Assorted Chocolates - 2 layers of handcrafted goodness and pure delight!


Chocolate Covered Fruit - 

Try one of these . . . chocolate HAND DIPPED STRAWBERRIES cradled in a 6 oz. solid chocolate heart shell.  Other chocolate dipped fruits include chocolate DIPPED APRICOTS, GOURMET APPLE dipped in olde-tyme caramel and laced with milk and dark Belgian chocolate.


Toffee, Nuts and Chews

Everyone loves caramel in all its delicious variations. If you like a smooth confection with fresh roasted pecans than our TURTLES are sure to please.  If it is a BRITTLE that you desire than you would love our fresh toasted pecan brittle.   Perhaps you like the creamy confection of caramels enrobed in our special blends of dark and milk chocolate. 


In addition to our caramel varieties, we also offer a SPICED PECAN BAR made with the spice of cinnamon, hint of cayenne pepper, milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates, dried cherries and fresh toasted pecans. 


As for our nut clusters, they are chock full of everything that nature makes that is good for you.  Use as an energy bar!


Product Offerings:


 Truffles                                                 Barks/Bars

    Key Lime                                              Dipped Grahams

    White Raspberry                                 Dipped Pretzels

    Dark Raspberry                                   Dipped Oreo

    Espresso                                               Almond or Pistachio Barks, 

    Chocolate Bavarian                             with dried cherries

    Lemon Chiffon                                     White Almond Bark

    Hazelnut                                                Orange Peel Bark



    Salted Caramels                                  Fudges

    Pecan Butter Toffee Crunch             Coconut Cream

                                                                  Butter Creams


Make a request.  All varieties are made with the finest ingredients, made in small batches for the utmost freshness.


You can find Betty's Chocolates Offerings at:

Overlook Hospital

Summit, New Jersey

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