About Us

Betty’s Chocolates makes premium assorted chocolates and chocolate novelties and favors for all occasions. 


All of our chocolates are made with the finest imported cacao beans in varying contents of cacao liquor from as high as 72% for dark chocolate to 32% for milk chocolate. All of our fillings are made with the finest natural ingredients with a minimum of additives in order to ensure product freshness and safety.

It is our purpose and passion to deliver the maximum confectionary pleasure with that extra special taste and visual appeal in every piece of chocolate and favor that we create just for you. 


We strive to find the design and perfect gift idea to help make your event a special one. By giving our chocolates and novelties, you will be secure in knowing that you are buying and giving the best. The reaction to your purchase will be enjoyable and satisfying.

Contact us for any gift giving occasion. We are available to provide assorted chocolates and favors attractively packaged and ready for any holiday, birthday, party, corporate gift, wedding or shower. You can reach us at (908) 322-1621 or info@bettyschocolates.com.